EmployerCARE Primary Care for Employees

The EmployerCARE Program

The Low-Cost Primary Care Solution FOR EMPLOYERS

As Traditional health insurance expenses RISE year over year for both your company and your employees, most companies have seen a sharp drop in participation rates. You NEED an innovative, dependable solution that delivers exceptional value without breaking the bank. Our CascadeCARE and EmployerCARE memberships offer precisely what businesses like yours need. Give Cascade DPC a try and see the difference. Show your appreciation for your employees and their families by providing them with a true healthcare solution that they can actually use, is proven to enhance attendance, reduce expenses, and boost productivity.

And at 80-90% LESS than Traditional unusable health insurance premiums, it’s proven to help YOUR business thrive.

Reach out to discuss employer Rates.

Companies with over six employees may be eligible for reduced monthly premiums.